See what you've been missing...
See what you've been missing...

Our Product Line

Replacement Optical Lenses

Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism; whatever you vision needs, you can depend on Scuba Optics for quality, custom-made solutions.

Bonded Lenses

We can custom make your prescription and permanently bond it into any mask. This method of installation has proven successful for years.

Half Lenses

If seeing up close has become difficult for you, consider this solution. Half lenses allow you to see gauges, computers, and camera equipment clearly. So simple and effective!


Magni-View lenses allow for quick and easy up close vision. This ground lens comes complete with adhesive and instructions. Install in minutes and see your gauges again!

Rx Swim

Enjoy swimming, but can't see clearly? This swim goggle is just what you have been looking for. Available in stock powers, and custom made prescriptions. Available in either black or blue.

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